Synergy was established in 2003, operated with a total of 80 employees. Synergy is a premier machining and Subcontract Assembly Company, servicing a diverse base of industries including equipment of semiconductor, mechanical engineering and tooling industries in Malaysia, as well as globally.

Synergy provides solutions services from precision metal manufacturing to contract assembly job. A well orchestrated manufacturing system in decades of experience in engineering field, we hope that we will be able to solve customers' manufacturing issue incurred while controlling especially, quality & low costing and short delivery lead time.


The company is well-equipped with the 'State-of-the-Art' high precision CNC based technologies hosted within an integrated facility and supported by strong capabilities in :

- Engineering Design in Prototyping and Fabrication
- Contract Manufacturing
- Improvement For Consistent Quality Manufacturing

Drawing together the vast expertise we have cultivated through our business fields, we seek to further refine its array of unique technologies in order to strengthen its commitment of being a leader in the "next generation" of technology world.

As for Mass Pro, we carry on customer demand we will carry out a none stop production running to succeed customer short lead time delivery.